Sunday, February 17, 2013

[Angry!] Etisalat Mongez Notification Pages

I bought a new modem from Etisalat Egypt, which is working according to what they call "Mongez" plans. Fine with me, although a little bit over complicated in the way they force you to manage your subscription. Everything went OK, up-till that moment when I started being diverted to their web site for notifications regarding bandwidth consumption and that sort of thing.

Once again, OK, I can live with that. The notification pages usually have a button on them to get you out of the page, and continue to the website you asked for. But they DO NOT WORK! For more than once, I got stock in that page forever!

Calling their customer support number didn't solve this either. For one thing, they claim that these notifications cannot be disabled! (Well, probably they had some alien programmer do the thing, and then he got killed or vanished into thin air, or something, and there's no one else on planet earth has the required skills to modify his script!). The only solution they provide is to restart your browser. In many occasions, I can't restart my browser with on-going downloads, for instance. Those nasty not-resumable downloads.

To be frank here, my stand is: if your script has got bugs in it, don't use it -- fix it first before putting us, the users, into all this sort of sh*t!

A quick fix, I've worked out with Firefox, though, was by deleting the cookies, cache and active logins for the past hour. This is done via pressing Shift+Ctrl+Delete combination on the keyboard, selecting those items, and pressing "Clear Now". Still, this me, the customer, solving their issues! It doesn't work this way!

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