Thursday, January 26, 2012

Moving to Ubuntu Linux - pt.01

Entirely abandoning the Microsoft Windows operating system to another platform has always seemed inapplicable. Someone like me, for instance, has been working with Windows ever since Windows 3.0. With loads of accumulated documents, software and experiences, it's really hard to start all over.

But with the Linux distributions growing more mature, I thought to give it a try and see if one can really abandon the Windows. It's been three months now, and I'm spending more than 95% of my computer time on Ubuntu, so I'm willing to say/pretend that it's a very close to entirely abandoning Windows.

Note: this experiment does not cover gaming, as I'm not a gamer, myself.


Creating a list of all the critical items in one's computer use is crucial before the starting of this process. For me, the following was the list of critical items of concern:
  1. Editing MS-Office 2007/2010 documents: From my past experiences with the various Linux distros, it was never a problem dealing with the old MS-Office document formats (.doc, .xls, .ppt). Dealing with the new (.docx, .xlsx and .pptx) formats was something I must experiment with and be confident about.
  2. Accessing my corporate email server (MS-Exchange Server): My company works with Exchange server [period].
  3. Installing Eclipse with the Android SDK: As I'm experimenting with the Android platform these days, having my familiar IDE (eclipse with the ADK) is something I'm concerned about.
  4. Accessing MS-SQL database (which resides on another server): In my work, I prepare lots of reports, mostly excel-based, that read from MS-SQL server database. It's very important for me to be able to read and modify an MS-SQL database from within my computer to produce such reports.
  5. Accessing the company's VPN.
Up to the time of writing these lines, I've succeeded in the first 3 items, with various degrees, still working on the 4th item and haven't started yet on the 5th.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Eclipse IDE and the ADT: Missing requirement: Error

Setting up my laptop for developing Android applications under Ubuntu, I was faced with the error message:

  Missing requirement: Shared profile ( requires 'org.maven.ide.eclipse []' but it could not be found
This was during the installation of the Android Development Tools (ADT) under eclipse. When I googled the problem, it turned out to be something related to "administrative" privileges (under Windows platform), and seems to be related to Indigo version of eclipse.

Anyway, I figured that if it's something related to "administrative privileges", then I might solve this by launching the eclipse in su mode. Alt+F2 got me the command dialog, where:

gksudo eclipse

Setting up the ADT using the google repository as described in the official document was a matter of waiting for the download to complete, after that.