Sunday, March 10, 2013

Alt+Shift for Keyboard Layout Change in Fedora 18

New installation of Fedora 18 and I know already some of the problems I need solved. The normal stuff: switchable graphics (I'm almost giving up on this one, though), flashcache, instant-on, battery life and power management.. the normal stuff.

But first thing is first, I use bi-lingual keyboard. I need my Arabic keyboard.

OK. The normal addition of the keyboard went as smooth as usual, but I couldn't get the normal Alt+Shift shortcut to change the layout. This is strange, as the system requested to have Alt+[alphanumeric]... hmmm... I wouldn't like that.

So, I remember an old friend of mine: the gnome-tweak-tool.

From Software (Add/Remove Software?), searched for gnome-tweak-tool, and installed it. A nice gesture of the Software panel is that it asked me if I wanted to run the freshly installed application, I did.

From there, I went to Typing, and from the Modifiers-only input sources switch selected the "Alt Shift".

This was even better than I anticipated, as I can now use either "Alt+Shift"'s to switch the keyboard input layout.