Monday, April 30, 2012


A little over a year ago, I met Prezi, for the first time. For those not familiar with it, Prezi is an online tool for creating non-linear presentations. Although, the term non-linear doesn't accurately describe what Prezi has to offer, Prezi is a very good tool to produce these Flash-based presentations.

Time passed, and I didn't really use Prezi for more than two or three presentations. Probably this is because we still have the "Slides" culture, but every now and then, when I need to initiate a new presentation or renew an existing one, Prezi comes back to the front of my head. Every time Prezi pops up in front of me, I try to find some desktop tool to produce similar results, preferably Open Source (Well, I'm a Linux-only user now).

Well, today I came across this Inkscape extension called "Sozi". Sozi is an extension for Inkscape that produces animated svg's with resulting Posters or "canvas" similar to those produced by Prezi. It is pretty simple, and straight forward once you get grip of the basic concepts. A nice introductory tutorial can be found here [].

Monday, April 16, 2012

OMG! Ubuntu! Conducts an Interesting Survey

An interesting survey results published to OMG!Ubunto! indicated that 51% of the Ubuntu users use Android devices. The survey also shows, among other interesting facts, that age of Ubuntu users ranges between 25 to 35 years old.

Although the survey shows that 75% of Ubuntu users also use Windows, it doesn't show for what applications they use it for (nor what applications they use Ubuntu for, for that matter), nor what percentage of that group uses both Windows and Ubuntu in a dual-boot setup.

All in all, the survey is interesting and very useful.

Never Liked TouchWiz

Having had several Android phones over the past two years, I got to develop a taste when it comes to the vendor's default launcher. Between phones from acer, Samsung, Motorola, HTC and SonyEricsson, I would say that the most annoying and less comfortable default launcher is Samsung's TouchWiz.

TouchWiz, developed to imitate the interface on older Samsung touch-screen mobiles' interface, is, in my opinion, the worst thing on good phones such as the Galaxy S2. I'm not really talking about performance. I'm talking about how things look and feel. The TouchWiz feels rigid, out-fashioned and doesn't give you the Android feel that you might get from the Sense interface, though originally designed for Windows phones, or get from the XPERIA interface, for example.

From my point of view, TouchWiz, being designed for feature phones, cannot be used for smart phones. It is a different animal, all together.

That said, I must admit that the TouchWiz on my Galaxy 551 was the main motivation for me to root and install a custom ROM on the phone, only 10 days after purchase -- and it was my first rooting.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

LibreOffice - IBM Symphone: Take Two!

In a previous post, I chose to use IBM Symphony as my office package, basically because it seemed to offer more features than LibreOffice. Today, I removed IBM Symphony after finding, statistically, that I use LibreOffice more often. It's been almost a month since I last open an application of the Symphony package. I'm not claiming that the LibreOffice is better, not in this stage, anyway, but I've came to the conclusion that anything in symphony is there somewhere in LibreOffice. To be frank, I'm starting to think that the Symphony implements pieces of the's code, if not the whole deal! (No, I'm not saying that I dived in the code and found anything, I'm just under such impression, given what I see on the surface).

So, today I removed the symphony, and happily got rid of the system tray icon for it.