Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Any.DO vs. Taskos

First time I saw these two apps, I was under the impression that they were made by two competing friends, or probably one of them has taken the idea from the other, and created a new app. They have almost the exact same functionality, down to the small details, like shaking the list of tasks to clear completed ones, and of course their icons. The icons of both apps is a white tick mark on a sky-blue background.

But that was the first impression.

Now, having used them both for quite some time, alternating between them, I see myself drawn more towards Any.DO, as it provides the sleeker interface, and some smart functions, though sometimes intervening.

Any.DO is almost a 6MB download, while Taskos is 750kB, which is really inviting, given that it provides almost the same functionality.

Both apps sync with your Google account tasks, but Taskos does a better job at that. I actually had several occasions when I needed to go to my Google account and clean things a little bit, before doing the sync with any.DO.

On the other hand, any.DO has a very well accomplished user interface, nice graphics, option to choose between two themes (white vs. black).

Functionality-wise, any.DO catches the missed calls and set customizable reminders to call back. It also catches your meetings, on any of your calendars, and interactively generates any to-do's that might have resulted from the meetings. I had some problems with the meeting follow-up function in a previous version of Any.DO, but they're gone now.

Bottom line here, in my opinion, is that if you're looking for a nicer looking tasks app that acts smart, though sometimes intruding, Any.DO is the choice. If you have concerns regarding the size, don't want the intervention or looking for a better syncing, then Taskos is the one for you.

Any.DO Taskos

Size (MB) 0.75 5.8
Widget YES YES
Missed Call Reminders YES NO
Meeting Follow Up YES NO
Shake to Clear           YES YES
Categories YES YES
Sorting in Widget NO YES
Different Widget Sizes YES YES
Swipe to Mark as Done YES YES
Sync with Google YES YES
Automatic Syncing Buggy YES
Forced/Manual Syncing YES YES
Customizable Reminders YES YES
Snooz Reminders YES YES

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